Season One, Episode One: Pilot

Hi! Welcome to my website, and if you have made it this far, welcome to my blog. My name is Abigael Hutchinson and I am a recent California transplant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am currently self-employed as I have started my own marketing, communications and branding company post-graduation in May of 2019. Life since graduation has absolutely been a whirlwind, but working full-time through college, I knew that my journey has always been unique, and my intentions and dreams have always been the largest I could ever envision possible.

For as long as I can remember communication was critically important to being myself. Whether it be speaking anything that crossed my mind or to meet as many new people as possible, it was part of me. As I grew older and decided to study Communications in college, I developed an even deeper love of what communicating really means and analyzing the ways that communication can be made easier or can be better developed between individuals.

This is where my company name comes from: affable, which is in some sense the ease of communicating with one another, using my initials – APH. I have always envisioned creating my own company or brand in hopes that what I am passionate about will help someone else fulfill what they are passionate about.

Why these areas or topics specifically though – I have asked myself this over and over and believe that there is far more than one answer, but the simplest being that as I mentioned briefly above, my college journey was unique, as I have been pursuing my career since the summer following my freshman year. The experiences, individuals I worked for and with, advice I was given and skillsets I learned shaped me, and continue to shape me, to be a leader in many forms, but truly to be a leader in the marketing, branding and communication strategies of a company or industry.

I wish I had been bold enough to start this blog earlier, as I believe that there are so many individuals and young professionals who continue to strive to be leaders in their company, their industry or their community who could not only find interest in what I am writing, but are able to teach me just as much.

For at the end of the day, my main priority is to connect and build relationships on a variety of levels – whether that be for clients, personally or to build a professional network, I find critical importance in building those face-to-face encounters as much as building those online relationships.

I hope after my lengthy first post you will find yourself acknowledging a passion you have, leadership capabilities you want to tap into further and/or a desire to create relationships right along with me.

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