Self-Care while Self-Employed


So, this is it: you decided to go for it, you’re self-employed, doing freelance, running a side hustle. It’s a huge opportunity. You’re excited, you’re happy and you’re feeling positive about the direction your professional life is heading

And you’re also exhausted. Pretty nervous, a little stressed, don’t feel like you have time or a routine quite yet, but the important part is that you’re up and running and staying positive.

Here’s the reality of the situation – being self-employed while fun, creative, based solely around your ideals and plan is an incredible adventure and opportunity. But it can also be overwhelming. One of the main lessons I have learned so far in my journey is the focus and intention it takes to make time for self-care and the importance of spending time to do the activities you like and that relax you. Making time for yourself is what will provide you the ability to have a successful business. Being well-rested, making time to grab drinks with friends, do a face mask or do yoga in the morning are all moments that will provide you the opportunity to refocus on yourself, therefore, refocus on areas of your career. Personally, when I spend time for myself or the activities I want to be doing, I find that later that day or the next day I have the ability to recreate the goals I have made for myself and my brand. 

SO, knowing the benefits I have seen, I have come up with a few tips that have helped me to prioritize my own self-care in my everyday life especially as I have moved into a new lifestyle in hopes they’ll benefit someone else too!

  • Create a schedule or have a calendar you’ll actually follow! Sit down on Sunday night before the start of each week and create a schedule or routine that includes all of the important items – carving out time for things like exercise, reading a book before bed or grabbing coffee with someone you’ve been meaning to see for a while. Holding yourself accountable to a schedule you’ve created can be critical to making sure you’re creating time for yourself.
  • Exercise. I think this generally comes with the territory – I exercise so I don’t lose my mind! Making time in your everyday life to go for a run or an hour Pilates class or waking up that much earlier to get to the gym can be the motivation and endorphins you need to accomplish more in your day. 
  • Get inspired. Whatever you might do that gets your creative thoughts flowing or get you feeling motivated for your day: do more of that. Whether it be yoga, meditation, drawing or listening to podcasts, make sure that you include your passions in your everyday routine. 
  • Mornings are HUGE! Getting up that extra 30 minutes before you usually would or making an effort to be up at 5:30 to get the day started can save you so much time for things you WANT to be doing later. I always remind myself of that – if I have a lot to get done, or there’s something I know I am going to want to be doing later (hello, beach), I make the additional effort to make sure I am putting in that morning time to get my work done – or get up and get my workout done. Doing something that starts my day off caring for my well-being and time in some way, because it helps me feel that much better later.
  • Make time for the people who make you happy. This one really shouldn’t be hard – but for those who do have odd schedules or work routines, you know this one can often be challenging. Before the start of a month, pull out a calendar and set days, plans or events you already know of that include the people you love. This will guarantee you have already set the time aside to spend time with those who make you feel the most you.

While these aren’t always easy, and I sometimes fall out of these habits, I have found that if I prioritize the activities and people that are most important to me, I seem to have a way more positive and energetic attitude about what I am doing professionally, too. Work/life balance can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you can make sure you’re setting aside the time you NEED to revamp your mind.

I would love to hear your own tips and tricks, please feel free to reach out and share. If you have any questions about how I develop routines or ways I hold myself accountable, don’t be shy! And, as always, I would love to connect.

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