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The above image is two of my amazing sisters following the Marine Corps Marathon, which they ran together. Incredible, right?

International Women’s Day is March 8th each year. I LOVE it. One of my favorite regarded days on the calendar because it provides another reason to highlight the successes of women and how far we continue to push the boundaries of areas where we once were limited (or still are and continue to push). I figured this would be a great time to release a few women who I find a great sense of inspiration and motivation from – and who you might have amazing takeaways from as well.

Sophia Amoruso

Founder of NastyGal and currently of Girlboss media, Sophia is the epitome of a woman who has seen what it is to fail and yet, makes a comeback better than what was before. Girlboss has created motivation, inspiration and a larger community for all the “Girlbosses” out there who are taking charge of their own success.

Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott is another strong female entrepreneur who started with a “failed” business that led her to the path of her now incredibly successful jewelry brand. A huge source of inspiration, Kendra often talks of experience being the most powerful source of knowledge, as well as encouraging individuals to focus on what they’re good at, because the money will always come later.

Hoda Kotb

An anchor on the Today show, broadcast journalist and a woman who changed the perspective of many by becoming a mom in her 50’s, Hoda continues to bring the world, and those who follow her on Instagram, positive and upbeat messages – and a reminder that each day starts the most successful when you don’t hit snooze on your alarm.

Some More Female Inspiration:

  • Katie Austin: A trainer and health coach with a fitness lifestyle that provides motivation for a happy and healthy lifestyle for anyone who is a part of her program. After meeting Katie, I can’t say enough how she confident she is – and how much you can learn from that!
  • Liv Schreiber: This girl is AMAZING! The most motivating insights and advice on a variety of subjects, Liv runs her own mentorship and branding business and serves as a confidence coach to so many individuals. Her IG feed is BOMB – check it out for some motivation.
  • PickARTByLily: Lily has created an incredible Etsy business, providing amazing artwork, while pairing her artistic talents with that of her leadership capabilities, giving inspirational and genuine content to both her social media and artwork.
  • Create & Cultivate: A whole dang platform that provides women the opportunity to have a conversation and learn from others in any way possible to propel their career in the direction they desire.
  • Elizabeth Rees, Chasing Paper: Elizabeth, who absolutely embodies the Midwest work ethic mixed with creative and innovative ideas, started her own removable wallpaper company after growing up surrounded by the printing industry and having a desire to pave her own way in the industry in some form. What she has built of her company, as well as in the Milwaukee, WI community (Third Branch Creative Studio), reminds me how critical my roots are to my growth and the opportunities I can chase.
  • Laura Rae Photography: A photographer who doesn’t just give insight to her everyday life and business on IG, but shows the motivation and hard-work it takes to create a successful business. She is also a part of “Hey, You,” a conference that is curated to both building your business and spending time for yourself.

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