Staying Busy When Busy Isn’t an Option


We are in a situation that is now impossible to ignore. Social distancing, quarantine, isolation are all now a reality and there is a high likelihood that like me, working from home has become sensible. I am the type of person that loves to stay as busy as possible, whether it be work, classes, social outings, workouts, etc. – which makes it a little challenging for me to think about being in the house limited to so little of what my usual routine looks like. 

This being said, I am trying to find any possible way to productively fill my time both professionally and personally! I have come up with a variety of activities and areas that I plan on doing to keep busy and keep my mind off of things – check some of them out below and feel free to share what you’re doing to *positively* fill your time. I think the most important thing you can do for yourself is find ways to keep busy in a way that’s benefitting you, build a community in an online setting and find joy and positivity in everything big and small. 

Some professional areas you could work on might be…

  • Finding an online course to get a certificate in. I am currently working on getting my certificate in graphic design, but I had already worked through my certificates in social media marketing and advertising! There are so many websites and avenues out there that provide courses and certificates to take up something new! Udemy is a great resource, but Hootsuite, Canva and even Adobe offer courses or online classes to develop certain marketing skillsets.
  • Check in on contacts you’ve met while networking. Obviously a breakfast meeting or a coffee date is not exactly appropriate at the moment but reaching out via text or email is completely reasonable in order to fill your time productively, grow your community and make sure to continue those relationships even when you can’t in person.
  •  If you work a lot online, get ahead with content, scheduling, social media post ideas, you name it! Use this time to really get your planning and creating to an all-time high, prepping ideas and new content that you usually did last minute and making it something you get ahead on instead. 

Some personal activities to stay busy could be…

  • Podcasts, Books, TV Shows are all there for a reason! I have an extensive list of podcasts and books I absolutely love – but absolutely could use some ideas for TV shows that you find interesting or funny! I am always looking for shows to keep on in the background while I am working from home. Some podcasts I love to listen to are Girlboss Radio, Business Casual, Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations and Lady Startup. Be sure to check them out and let me know what you think. 
  • Perfect time for spring cleaning! I cleaned out my closet once again and got piles ready for Goodwill/items of mine I just needed to get rid of. When spring comes around and the weather gets nice again it can actually be challenging to find the time to truly clean out and refresh your home – use this time and use it wisely! 
  • Start a new workout routine. There is an insane amount out there for at-home, personal workouts that can be not only a good burn, but a good way to get into a routine maybe you haven’t created or settled into. I am using this time to strengthen my core to a level that has been lacking (and is noticeable in my runs and yoga) and focus on some areas that I really don’t have a set routine in (arms, chest, etc.). It really is just as easy, while it might not be as enjoyable, to get a good workout at home.
  • Meditate. This is NOT something that comes easily, and trust me, as someone who is/has read books on this, watched videos, worked on it daily for a long time, spending time on training your mind can be so incredibly beneficial – especially in a time with such heightened negativity and constant anxiety. I think that being able to find your positivity, the areas of thought that truly matter, that is what can be of critical importance during a time when what surrounds us can be so overwhelming. 

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