Social Media Trends: Video Takeover

Video Takeover

When researching 2020 marketing, branding and social media trends, the use of video was mentioned in every article, blog post or social media post I read. While these predictions were indeed correct the further we get into 2020, they ring even more true with the spike in COVID-19. For businesses large and small the use of video has become extremely prominent, whether it be to manage a team or market a product in a new way, there are an abundance of ways that video can be used to stay connected. 

Personally, the focus on APHable and really growing the business has been put on the back-burner with my priorities shifting to staying positive and connected, growing a community and taking a step back to evaluate my goals and refocus on the areas I do want to work on within the business. That being said, video can play into all of these goals in a large variety of ways. 

Using Instagram live or Instagram stories is a great way to stay proactive with your audience and event present ideas or activities in a new way. I know plenty of individuals and brands who previously did not have much experience using these video IG options, but with limited in-person options, these have become instant connectors – and they don’t even have to be directly related to your product or brand. Use Instagram live to interview a key player in your brand’s industry, a positivity coach or an employee that has gone above and beyond to draw attention to positivity in your community and for your audience as well. 

Zoom, as many individuals are already aware, is a GREAT tool for conferencing, meetings, and any sort of team collaboration. Another use of this platform could be a small conference or industry-based virtual gathering, happy hour or meeting! Whether it be inviting your audience to participate in a conference to learn a new skill or to hear you talk on a focal point of your expertise, to connecting with other industry leaders for brainstorming, networking or to experience other people, using Zoom is an easy way to build a community in whatever way you see fit.

TikTok takeover! Because what else is there really to do…just kidding. On a serious note, TikTok not only has plenty of ways to stay entertained (and get some cardio in by learning an abundance of dances) but to market your brand in a unique and modern way. Many brands are struggling to find the balance between recognizing the significance of COVID-19 and being respectful of the situation, while still trying to run a business, a challenge seen especially by the small businesses. TikTok can offset this a little bit by providing marketing in a fun and upbeat way. If it is a platform that you know your brand’s audience uses, TikTok is a great way to connect to your audience in a way very different than simply selling the product or continuing on with content as though everything is normal. 

Lastly, use video to share content in a helpful way – and one that creates a community. If you are a social media marketer, or your product is beneficial in some way to a process, sharing a video series or insight to how companies could manage the processes on their own through COVID-19 would be extremely beneficial to share at this point in time. Even sharing a video series on something not related to your brand, but just to build a sense of community or connection, is something worth your time and worth it to your audience. 

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