Client Feature: KLIK USA Blogs

KLIK USA Feature

My first client, KLIK USA, is a small architectural lighting company based out of Milwaukee, WI and distributing sustainable and environmentally focused lighting fixtures from Australia. Not only do they have a large focus on the benefits of their fixtures to the environment, but how these fixtures provide an aesthetic look that is very unique and difficult to attain with many other fixtures in the market. 

One of the many projects APHable has taken on in the marketing and communications territories for KLIK is building their monthly blog posts. The reason that I find this critical to the work I have done for KLIK is because it was the perfect example of going into content, with a brand or company, not having a wide range or knowledge of it, but being able to develop your skillsets to grow an understanding and develop content to interest the current audience, and grow that audience even further. 

Architectural lighting is a pretty niche area, and the language and knowledge of it can be confusing or challenging at first to understand, particularly in the LED sector, which is largely what lighting will continue to be. I remember sitting down for the first time and staring at a blank computer screen while thinking, “how can I create content when I don’t have any experience in this?” and here we are, almost a year into my work with KLIK and numbers continuing to grow. 

The key piece here is that while you might not fully comprehend a brand or industry prior to really getting into it while building their content, there are so many ways for you to go all in and still do the job you need to be doing, if not better. It starts with believing in yourself and your capabilities, and it continues with additional time put in (and Google…), and more time after that. 

When I first connect with clients, I commonly get asked how I can create content if I’m not limited to one industry. Being transparent, it is not an easy thing, but it’s a path I wanted to choose because while it requires those extra hours to research an industry, I really develop an understanding of a brand and a brand’s competitors and what I learn and gain from the experience is critical to my development as a successful marketer and successful business owner. 

Putting in those extra hours to develop a knowledge and understanding of a client and their industry in the beginning is what will continue to set you apart later. Specifically, if you can challenge yourself to research industries and have a top-tier knowledge of what trends and fads will grow while you continue your work with your client, you will have the ability to build content for them even if it’s not your direct industry.

To stay on top of research I put in at the beginning, when I sit down to plan, create and schedule content for a client, I put in a little additional research time to make sure I am still current in my knowledge of the industry and client competitors. I find that this gives me the ability to curate content personal to the brand and its audience, even if I am not specialized in the topic or industry. 

While additional time and research is something I plan and schedule as a necessity to the success and personal connection to each client and their audience, I often come across other tips and tricks that help professionals grow their knowledge in industries they aren’t always familiar with. If you have any tools you use, reach out and let’s connect! This is definitely an area I am always looking to improve on and grow in any way I can and would love to compare notes. 

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