Inspiration Motivation


This is a time where inspiration for many has either spiked or decreased – and for me personally, I have seen highs and lows in my creativity and inspiration over the course of the last month. While there has been far more time to brainstorm and create, there has also been time to feel a little unsettled and questionable about the future, which prevents inspiration to its fullest extent.

I have noticed, and in talking to many, have witnessed that because of the abundance of time, creative motivation ebbs and flows. Some days I can come up with a great deal of ideas: blog posts, content and new opportunities for myself and my business, and other days, kind of like the day I am having today, I feel slightly unmotivated and not at all creatively inspired.

BUT, while there is not a cure-all for lack of inspiration, I have a few ideas or tools I personally use to re-motivate and inspire myself, and I definitely don’t limit myself to these to find inspiration either. I hope you find these ideas helpful and are able to use them in your own way – and share what you use to find inspiration each day! I so often find creative energy from other people and their successes, so sharing what motivates and inspires you might be helpful and motivating for other people too.

  • Read, read, read! Whether it be a fictional book, biography, article or social media post, fill your mind with new ideas, thoughts and concepts you hadn’t given much thought to previously. After finishing a book or an article I often find myself with more motivation to react creatively than before.
  • Watch a documentary. Not only can you clear your head of what’s overwhelming you now (aka a lack of inspiration), but finding a documentary series that provokes thoughtfulness and reflection can be of great assistance to propelling creative thoughts when you need them.
  • Listen to a podcast series. I have said it before and I’ll continue to say it – podcasts are the perfect place to start when looking for inspiration. There are countless podcast series I listen to that leave me feeling rejuvenated and energized to start on a new project or pursue an idea I had.
  • Doodle, draw, journal. Write and write some more. Have a place in which you are putting down any and all of your thoughts and ideas – and that can quite possibly just be a doodle. The spot you can turn to when you wake up at 2am with an idea and just write. When I look back at the notebooks and journals I used previously, I still have all of the ideas and projects I would love to pursue when I have the opportunity, or when it aligns with something I am currently working on. What a great way to find inspiration then finding it in something you wrote down 6 months, a year or a few years ago.
  • Set up a meeting with someone who you look at as a role model or inspiration. Reach out to an individual on IG who you find interesting or would love to connect with and see if they would be interested in connecting over FaceTime. That person to person interaction does not have to end just because of quarantine – use this time to continue to develop relationships with individuals who inspire you.
  • Create a vision board or mood board. Fill it with images and words that spark feelings of joy and excitement for you, or pick a specific topic and fill the board with inspiration that surrounds that topic. A fairly simple way to kickstart creative thoughts when they aren’t flowing so easily.
  • Realize it’s okay to feel uninspired sometimes! It comes and goes in life for so many reasons and that’s okay. An occasional day off or day in sweats relaxing isn’t so bad and might be exactly what you need to find some creative energy.

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