Growing your Instagram Doesn’t Have to Cost You

As a marketing professional the number one question I get is how to grow Instagram followers without the cost that’s so often affiliated with gaining followers! I think that growing followers happens over time, but that there are a few key ways to guarantee that your followers will be both interested and willing to continue to be a part of your community – rather than a follower who is inconsistent in participating with you and your feed.

One of the main ways to guarantee followers or more views to your account and feed is so focus on giving high quality content. I think there is so much emphasis that can be placed on this, because people really are looking for something that they’ll want to follow because it’s pretty, or aesthetically pleasing or because they are able to take something from it – which leads me to my next point —

People want content they can share or that they are able to save for themselves to come back to. I can’t tell you the number of accounts I follow just because of a post I saw and saved, and still use, or advice they consistently give that’s beneficial to something I am working on or creating. And that is common amongst almost everyone! Content that encourages people to interact with your account because it’s entertaining, helpful, a good reminder, aesthetic, pretty, will provide a reason to share or save it.

But in order to provide content people want to be sharing or saving, putting content out there is required first. Obviously – you already knew that. The key is that the content is not only quality and interesting, but that it’s being posted frequently and consistently. Staying consistent with your followers shows them the effort and time you put into your content, highlighting the importance of the content and maintaining your relationships with your followers.

Another way to keep your content new and interesting is VIDEO. I have said it before and I will continue to say it – 2020 is the year of video. But specific to Instagram, stories, lives, IG TV, videos are more relevant now than ever. The ability to connect with other people instantly and share it with your followers can be so beneficial for so many reasons. Interviews regarding topics in your industry on IG Live, then saving it to your profile, so followers can go back and take key points or watch it if they missed it at the live time. Using video for new and creative ways to interact, such as Instagram live, invites followers, and those who follow the other person or don’t follow you yet, to participate in your content and marketing your platform to different groups.

Similar to video, an easy way to increase interaction is by using call-to-action in your posts, and on other media platforms or your website, as it can really benefit your following and gaining the specific kind of followers you’re looking for. I just spoke with a friend who has been able to use TikTok as a form of call-to-action, leading people to similar content they enjoy on her TikTok also on her Instagram. Call-to-action is leading individuals to interact with your content and posts in specific ways you want them to – whether it be encouraging followers to share content you believe will be popular in an industry or that people would enjoy or save and like a post they might come back to later, for example. This is a great way to broaden your following and gain new followers similar to people who have and continue to interact with your profile already.

Lastly, one of the earliest and most common forms of finding followers is hashtags. Targeting hashtags that are relatable to the topic you’re posting about, the industry you’re in, local communities or specific groups of people you’d be interested in reaching can help in gaining views from people not yet following you but viewing your posts through the hashtags/recommended followers. It can be beneficial to use similar, if not the same, hashtags in order to hit a specific group more than once.

These are some of the recommended ways I have used for clients and know other individuals use to gain a quality community – because truthfully, community is what it comes down to. Finding the individuals who can contribute, add to and relate to your content and want to be a part of the community you’re building.

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